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2020 Cleaning Schedule


Build our testimonies through service. We invite the Lord’s spirit into our chapel by helping us keep them beautiful and clean. 

Cleaning is every Thursday starting at 6:30 pm. Please fulfill your assignments. Many hands make lighter work. 

Family assignments are as follows:


Mar 26       D. Bennett                     G. Rouse                         P. Romriell

Apr 02        G. Morphy                     D. Collett

Apr 09        D. Reynolds                   J. Ross Jr.                        D. Cox

Apr 16        D. Brown                        D. Cahoon                       R. Lucia

Apr 23        J. McCooeye                M. Williams                    M. Potter

Apr 30        G. Wildey                      Mike Schroeder           Martin Schroeder

May 07       J. Vreeland                   S. Rossell                          T. Flood                            C. Davis

May 14       S. Morrison                  J. Thomas                         J. Owens

May 21       R. Wilson                       J. Lucia

May 28       R. Morrison                 D. Bradstreet                 S. Ellis

Jun 04         S. Hunn                          E. Haffner                         S. Denniston

Jun 11         W. Lamb                        R. Collett                           M. Dorr                          K. Baker

Jun 18         S. Graham                    J. Lockwood                     M. Burris

Jun 25         N. Hargarther           B. Hardy                              J. Thibert                      R. Walker

Jul 02           D. Bennett                  G. Rouse                             P. Romriell

Jul 09           G. Morphy                   D. Collett

Jul 16           D. Reynolds                J. Ross Jr.                           D. Cox

Jul 23            D. Brown                     D. Cahoon                         R. Lucia

Jul 30            J. McCooeye              M. Williams                     M. Potter

Aug 06          G. Wildey                    Mike Schroeder            Martin Schroeder

Aug 13           J. Vreeland                S. Rossell                            T. Flood                         C. Davis

Ayg 20            S. Morrison               J. Thomas                           J. Owens

Aug 27           R. Wilson                    J. Lucia

Sep 03            R. Morrison              D. Bradstreet                    E. Ellis

Sep 10             E. Haffner                  S. Denniston                     S. Hunn

Set 17             W. Lamb                      R. Collet                               M. Dorr                       K. Baker