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I have been a fire fighter for over 32 years and a past EMT for 15 years. I was a Fire Chief oan Assistant Fire Chief for over 15 years. I've served medical  chief position for 4 years. I I have been involved with many different emergency situations from man-made disasters to natural disasters. 

My experience has opened my eyes to see where people have not been prepared and caught in situations that endangered their lives. This has encouraged me to create this website to help people to prepare.


This website was created to help people to find information on Emergency Preparedness.  We are not responsible for thoughts and ideas and links that we direct you to and  the information that they provide. The websites we direct you to may change at any time. Links may also break because the websites might be taken down by their owner(s). The information provided is believed to be the best information to be offered. The material and information on this website is general information only. Do not rely on this material or information as a base for making decisions.