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elder's quorum

What is Elder's Quorum?


What is an Elder's Quorum?

The Elder's Quorum is made up of men starting at age 18 and older that have been ordained as an Elder or High Priest. Those men that don't hold the Priesthood still can attend the Elder's Quorum.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk in the April 2018 General Conference he says,


"The Elders Quorum. Having one Melchizedek Priesthood quorum in a ward unifies priesthood holders to accomplish all aspects of the work of salvation. Not long after the Church was organized in this last dispensation, the Lord stated in a revelation, “And by the prayer of your faith ye shall receive my law, that ye may know how to govern my church..."

The Elders Quorum - By Elder D. Todd Christofferson


Elders Quorum President - J. Thibert

1st Counselor - Brother J. Ross Jr.

2nd Counselor - Brother D. Cox

Secretary - Brother K. Baker


2019 Elder's Quorum Lesson Schedule

2nd & 4th 2nd Hour  EQ Lessons

The Lessons are talks that were given in the April General Conference. 

These Articles are found in the November 2019 Ensign. 

General Conference Teaching For Our Time (TFOT) Changes Again in April 2020  


Nov 10   "The Message, The Meaning, and the Multitude"

Nov 24   "The Joy of the Saints" 


Dec 08    "Unwavering Commitment to Jesus Christ"

Dec 22   "Trust in the Lord"


Jan 12   "Giving Out Spirits Control Over Our Bodies"

Jan 26   "Watchful unto Prayer Continually"


Feb 09   "Standing by Our Promises and Covenants"

Feb 23  "Your Great Adventure"


Mar 08   "Deceive Not"

Mar 22   "The Second Great Commandment"


Apr 12   "Holiness and the Plan of Happiness"

Apr 26   "Power to Overcome the Adversary"