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Relief Society

What is the Relief Society?

 The Relief Society was founded on March 17th, 1842 in Joseph' Smith's Store in Nauvoo Illinois by his wife Emma (Hale) Smith. 

The Relief Society is a women's organization in the Church which helps other women, families and people in need including humanitarian aid world-wide.

Today the Relief Society is world-wide in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It involves all women ages 18 and older.

Relief Society President - Sister J. Baker

1st Counselor - Sister S. Burris

2nd Counselor - Sister M. Potter

Secretary - Sister F. Morphy

Lyons Ward Relief Society Sunday Lesson Schedule

The Lessons are talks that were given in the April General Conference. 

These Articles are found in the November 2019 Ensign.

General Conference Teaching For Our Time (TFOT) Changes Again in November 2019 


November 24th     “The Joy of the Saints" 


December 8th         “Thru Cloud and Sunshine"  

December 22nd     "No Service Lesson"


January 12th             "Trust in the Lord"

January 26th             "Power to Overcome the Adversary"


February 9th             "Giving Our Spirits Control Over Our Bodies"

February 23rd          "Watchful Unto Prayer Continually"


March 8th                   "Spiritual Treasures"

March 22nd               "Covenant Belongings"

March 26th                "Your Great Adventure"


Monthly Wednesday activities


Relief Society Activities

The Relief Society women meet once a month, on a Wednesday, for an activity. Sometimes they do crafts, dinners, movies, games, service projects and so on.

The activity is held on a Wednesday night. Below are the dates of  those activities.

Dates of Upcoming Activities


December 11th