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Young Men's


Young Men's is a program in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints that gives boys ages 12 to 18 to come together to learn about Jesus Christ and lets them have opportunities in becoming men. 

The boys meet every Tuesday night  during the school year to participate in fun activities sometimes with the girls of their same age.

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Palmyra  Stake Young Men's Presidency

Stake Young Men's President - Brother P. Forgren

1st Counslor - Brother M. Garry

2nd Counslor - Brother D. Van Woerkom

Secretary - Brother N. Ruder

Lyons Ward Advisers

Priest Quorum Adviser -  Brother Cahoon

Assistant Priest Quorum Adviser - Brother M. Burris

Teacher Quorum Adviser -  Brother S. Rossell

Decon Quorum Adviser -  Brother M. Schroeder